Volunteers & Staff

Officers & Board Members

All officers, directors, and committee members are volunteers who serve without wages or salaries. Any member who wishes to may volunteer. The Board of Directors are elected by the members at the annual meeting. They meet monthly and serve a two-year term of office.

  • Gerald J. Ozimek, President
  • Mary Ellen Goergen, Vice President
  • Nancy Bojanowski, Secretary
  • Keri Walczyk, Treasurer
  • Doris Murphy, Director
  • Donald Green, Director
  • Dennis Barraclough, Director
  • James Huber, Director
  • Jim Fregelette, Director

Lending Appeals Committee

  • Doris Murphy
  • Mary Ellen Goergen
  • James Huber

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and serve a one-year term of office.

  • Lisa Pupo, Chairperson
  • Rebecca Mckeon
  • Donald Green

Membership Officer

  • Valerie McGovern

Office Staff

  • Keri Walczyk, Manager
  • Stacey Koczaja, Assistant Manager
  • Cindy Tichenor, Loan Officer
  • Jolene Bosworth, Loan Officer
  • Denise Quinn, Front Line Supervisor
  • Sean Walczyk, Marketing Coordinator
  • Sam Miller, Member Service Representative