Fee Schedule

Account Fees
New Membership Fee $1.00
Deposited Item Returned NSF $25.00
Payment Returned NSF $25.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $20.00
Foreign Wire Transfer $40.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee

Manual Overdraft Transfer



Statement (per page) $1.00
Return of Member’s Draft NSF $25.00
Check Photocopy (Internet) $5.00 / check up to 5
Check Cashing / Pass Thru Fee $10.00 / transaction
Debit Card Reactivation Fee $25.00
CU Check Withdrawal Fee $2.00 / check after 1 free
Visa Travel Card Fee

Visa Gift Card Fee

$5.00 each

$4.00 each

ATM Service Fees
ATM Transactions¹ $1.00 each including inquiries
ATM/Debit Replacement Card $10.00
Visa® Check Card² Free

¹ Six (6) free ATM transactions per month with Direct Deposit or $1,000.00 minimum balance.
² ATM charges apply when used as ATM card; includes overdraft loan protection.

Visa® Credit Card Fees
Annual Fee None
Late Payment Fee $25.00
NSF Fee $25.00

If you incur any of the above mentioned fees, it may result in the reduction of earnings on dividends.